Choosing the Correct Health Plan

healthcareDeciding on the correct healthcare plan for you and your family can be a huge and stressful decision. Originally there was only a single plan to choose from but as time passed we are now presented with a list of potential options.

You need to understand that there is no one plan suits all type deal, in fact you’re going to have to think quite hard on what exactly you want out of your healthcare plan, and what you can do without.

Once you have these things figured out you can begin to sift through the potential options; however, even then the choice is far from easy as you are bombarded with potentials.

For example the requirements for a larger families health plan will vary from that of a single mother — and even more so from a single male. These things need to be taken into consideration prior to choosing because every health care plan has various ways of handling specific scenarios like these.

One of the most important concerns you need to consider is your financial situation. You need to think about exactly where your dollars are going towards your health. Questions such as: what is your limit you can afford on your monthly premium, how much do you actually pay and how much does your future insurer pay, etc, are the type of concerns to be thoroughly addressed before committing to anything.

You also need to factor in your own health needs before going forward.

Such things like:

  • Do you have an illness?
  • Will you be requiring surgery?
  • Do you have a monthly prescription?
  • What is the cost of your monthly prescription and/or medical needs?
  • Do you see your doctor often?
  • Do you need a dental plan?
  • Do you want a vision plan?

The key to choosing the proper healthcare plan for you is taking into consideration “balance”. You simply need to fin the best balance for you between budget and health needs. Once found that will be the right plan for you. For example a common lower cost but lower option type choice is a health management organization (HMO).

An HMO is where you choose a primary care physician (PCP); and then go through him via the method of referral to see your specific specialist that you need. The downside is that this can be more time consuming, and you are limited to the scope of the doctors and hospitals within the HMO’s network.

Just remember to take some time and sit down with yourself and your loved ones and work out exactly what your needs, expectations and wants are out of a health plan. Once you have done that decide on how much you can afford and tailor your prior list to what is within your price range. Keep the needs and eliminate any wants that aren’t essential if you cannot afford it.

Find the proper balance between finance and needs and you will be on your way to an optimal health insurance plan for you and your family.